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About the products we handle

Our products

Regarding planning and development with customers, we will hold discussions and propose prototype samples based on them. We carry out integrated business from China / India to import and delivery of general clothing, sports, outdoor, fashion accessories, boots, sneakers.


Overseas brand products

インド製  専門店向け商品

Made in India

Products for specialty stores


Sports innerwear


Leather denim pants


Motor cycle products






Shoes and boots


Caps, balaclavas, etc.



Outdoor apron

others :​ Arm cover, insect repellent net cap, etc.

インド 伝統技術の活用

Utilization of traditional Indian technology

Strong Points

India has hand-woven fabrics using traditional techniques that are rare elsewhere, such as Kalamkari, Ikat and Kadi. Although it is inefficient and uneven compared to machines, the texture and atmosphere unique to handmade products cannot be created by machines. We sometimes utilize such traditional textiles to provide new products in modern times.

Kalamkari is a print or pattern made of handwritten or carved wood blocks on cloth. Natural dyes such as plants are used instead of artificial dyes, and the sun-dried finish gives a gentle and natural finish.

Ikat is also called Kasuri weave in Japan. It is a technique of combining threads dyed unevenly using natural dyes such as plants and weaving them into a geometric pattern. It is still a textile technique used in India and Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

Khadi is a hand-spun yarn that is hand-woven one by one. Nowadays, while machines can produce uniform thread thickness, we dare to finish it by hand spinning. The thickness of the thread may be slightly uneven, but the product will have a soft texture and atmosphere that is created because it is not uniform.

中国 充実した素材提案

China Extensive material proposal

Strong Points

In a word, there are various things such as knits, fabrics, batting and down, but among them, China is one of the countries where abundant materials are gathered. In particular, we have a wide range of functional materials such as antibacterial deodorant and water absorption and quick drying, which are indispensable for modern clothing. It is close to Japan and is one of the countries that can provide it quickly and stably.

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