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SUN TRADING CO., LTD. Is a trading company that sincerely produces and imports orders received from customers in China, India, etc.

When I was purchasing products from India as a company employee, I witnessed the poor environment at the local factory. In 2000, he became independent with the idea of "contributing to the Indian economy as much as possible" by purchasing products, and started an import business centered on Madras shirts from India. At that time, I was first surprised that the price difference between the purchase price from trading companies in Mumbai and Delhi and the purchase price directly from the factory in the Madras area was not a difference of 20% to 30%, but a price two to three times that of the factory. rice field. Therefore, we understand the local area and emphasize direct transactions with factories. We are now importing products not only from India but also from China, Bangladesh, etc.


CEO  Shigeo Mimura

Corporate philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The important thing is the attitude of the staff.

● Focus on all the customers and cooperating factories involved in our company and conduct business.

● Thorough quality, delivery, and service to satisfy our customers.

● We will continue to grow and constantly develop new products.

● And all the employees cooperate with each other

We try to keep the above in mind for the staff.



1947  Born in December


March Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Commerce

April Joined Kowa Company, Ltd., Osaka Trading Department

    Engaged in import and export of textile products

    Experienced in Taiwan and New York while at work


year 2000

June The company's metabolism

September Founded in Kawachinagano City with capital of 3 million yen


June Moved to Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, and joined Samurai Mimura, the successor of the same month.


June Increased capital to 10 million yen



February Moved to the current address

Corporate information

Company Information

Company name

Sun Trading Co., Ltd.


​Shigeo Mimura

Setting up

September 2009


10 million yen


203 Mitsuru Plaza, 1-2-4 Azuchimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0052

Tel 06-6264-0770  /  Fax 06-6264-0769

Business content

Products Imported from China, India, etc. Domestic sales of textile products and shoes, etc. and handling on a commission basis

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